Thursday, June 2, 2011

Instrumental Music For Special Events

With the vast options for instrumental music out there, it becomes very overwhelming to decide how to go about finding instrumental music. Here are a couple of tips for finding instrumental music that will work for you:
1. Ask your instrumentalist if he/she has any ideas. Many times musicians have played or been to many different weddings or special events and have great ideas.
2. Ask church musicians what is usually played at these kinds of events
3. Find a composer you like and listen to his/her music--after deciding what genre or feel you want at your event, start listening to music. Once you find a song you like in particular, look at the composers other works. A lot of times the composer will have a similar sound to many different compositions.
4. Find a song you like, youtube it, and see what youtube pulls up as suggestions of what else you might want to listen to--many times you will find you like their suggestions!
5. Use the soundtrack of your favorite film score--this type of music is composed solely for the purpose of creating mood and interest without being distracting.
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