Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finding Help on Short Notice

Even if you have amazing organizational skills, there will be times that you will need to find musicians for you special events on short notice. In these situations, the best place you can look is to people you trust for referrals. Here are some ideas of people you can ask:
1. Friends who have just thrown a special event--it's likely that whoever played, sang, or DJd the event was not the only person who was considered for the job, so ask friends for anyone else they found along the way.
2. Your local church--the music directors at churches often have ideas of people who can perform at your event and are extremely connected in the music community.
3. Wedding or funeral coordinators--these people have been in the business for years and probably have worked with musicians in the past that they could refer you to.
4. Choir, band, and orchestra directors--being leaders of a large groups, these directors have a good idea of who plays or sings and who is the most trained for your event.
5. Other musicians--most musicians are pretty well connected in the music world and could direct you to a musician best suited for your needs.

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